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There's much more beyond your perception. Passion, history and tradition empowered by innovation, research and creativity. Discover the multifaceted universe of the TCLF sectors. Find out what it's really like.

The "Blueprint for sectoral cooperation on skills: showcasing careers in the textile/clothing/leather/footwear sectors" project will support a new strategic cooperation among key actors in the TCLF industry (businesses, trade unions, research, education and training institutions, public authorities) and stimulate new and concrete actions to satisfy skills needs in these productive and innovative sectors.

The framework has been launched by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) and DG GROW on behalf of the European Commission. It builds upon previous work supported by the European Commission, in particular Sector Skills Councils and the European Sector Skills Alliances under Erasmus+.

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TCLF at a glance

Heritage empowered
by innovation

From a strong tradition, innovation flourishes.

In the TCLF sectors, experience and know-how blend with robotics, automation, digitalisation, and then better materials and smart products. Research and engineering lead to deep changes and you can be part of it.

The technological advances open the way to new and unprecedented employment opportunities all across the TCLF supply chains, not only in manufacturing but also in design, marketing, finance, logistics and retail.

Also, new production techniques such as laser cutters, exoskeletons and sewbots are making the work faster and easier, with the safest market labour regulations being increasingly achieved by European employers and trade unions.

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Sustaining the planet
while doing what you like

Governments' new green growth policies and consumers' increasing demand for sustainability already guide brands, manufacturers and producers of raw materials to adopt new sustainable technologies, production processes and inputs. The growing commitment of the TCLF industries in caring for the planet drives many innovations in materials as well, reducing their burden on the environment.

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