Notice to the contest participants

Despite the clear regulations to the contest, and given that participants were invited to submit their works in an anonymous format, some of the projects still reported some clear references to the author’s name or the authors’ institution logo. For this reason, Open Your Mind would still like to pass your works under judgment and, therefore, we would like to inform you that those clear references to names and institutions will be "censored" and "obscured" accordingly.

Good Luck!


Let creativity open your mind!

The European Commission represented by EASME (European Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises) and DG GROW (Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs) are launching a Product Competition open to students attending High Schools, VETs and Universities and coming from the following countries: Italy, Romania, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Greece, France and Bulgaria.

The proposition is to enhance the students' interest in TCLF sectors and encourage them to discover the real career opportunities to catch in this field.

Find out the winners

Young boys and girls from 10 different European Countries took part in the competition, by sharing their exciting, creative projects! Stay tuned and discover who the winner or winning team is!

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Find out more on how the TCLF sectors can shape your future and take part to our "Best product competition".

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