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There's much more beyond your perception. Passion, history and tradition empowered by innovation, research and creativity. Discover the multifaceted universe of the TCLF sectors. Find out what it's really like.

The "Blueprint for sectoral cooperation on skills: showcasing careers in the textile/clothing/leather/footwear sectors" project will support a new strategic cooperation among key actors in the TCLF industry and stimulate actions to satisfy skills needs.

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This website is part of the promotional campaign for the "Blueprint for sectoral cooperation on skills" project. The campaign is directly addressed to young people and aims at showing them the thrilling possibilities they have in starting a career in the TCLF industries.

Have a look at the reality! Download the promotional materials and find out more on what the TCLF sectors can offer to you.

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Press conferences

Check out where and when our next press conferences will be held. Anyone from the press can attend. If you'd like to receive an invitation to the next press conference in your country, please email us at

Spain 21 November '19 IED Madrid Madrid
Italy 14 November '19 Ass. Stampa Estera Rome
Poland 12 November '19 Centrum Zielna Warsaw
Romania 31 October '19 Nod Makerspace Bucharest
Germany 28 October '19 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin
Portugal 24 October '19 Portugal Fashion Alfândega do Porto

Best product competition

The contest is currently closed

Testing skills, taking up a new challenge: our Best Product Competition gives young student and job seekers the chance of sharing their most innovative and creative ideas, to win a return trip to Brussels, a visit to the European Commission"s Headquarters and a tablet.

Stay tuned and find out the winners!